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                                                          NIAGARA PET NANNY INC.

                                         Professional Pet Sitting Service and House Sitting


Safe Pet-Care Visits in the Age of Covid-19

As part of my professional pet sitting business, I have always practiced stringent sanitation practices. However, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of sanitation and pet-sitting safety has taken on a more detailed and vital significance.


It is an important time to let my clients know about my company’s policies regarding sanitation practices.


Now, when I am entering a home of a client, hand-sanitizing gel will be used at all times. I will be using it before and after taking care of the client’s pet, to avoid risk of virus transmission.


In addition to hand sanitizing, I will be using face-masks, disposable booties, and my own leashes, thus creating minimal contact issues for my clients and for myself. I ask that my clients have their usual pet supplies arranged in a way that allows for minimal service contact.


In addition to the above, for cat visits and small animals, I will use gloves that can be disposed of onsite, after the litter is scooped.


“No-client contact” has become the new normal. For clients that are home, I ask that they stay in another room while I leash their dog and take him/her for the regular walks. I also request that my clients respond to my questions about whether they have been infected by or exposed to Covid-19 recently.


Meet and greets for new clients will look different now as well, with my wearing of face-mask and physical distancing.


Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless                                                                            Janet Spratt

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