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Pet Nanny

About our services, and what we provide -

About our Services

For Your Pet and Your Home:

We like to meet with all pets before we commit to caring for them. Each pet is unique in its own way, and will be treated with care and special attention. During the visit we get to know your pets so we can provide the best care for your four-legged and feathered friends in their home environment. We are knowledgeable and trained in pet care. It is important to us to know your pets routine. Some pets might enjoy walks and playtime; others prefer just to snuggle. Niagara Pet Nannys first priority is for the safety and well-being of your pet and the security of your home.

How Our Service Works

When you call Niagara Pet Nanny, we arrange for a FREE visit to your home to:

•Meet you and your pets

•Get detailed information about caring for your pets and your home

•Get veterinary release signature

•Pick up a door key

•Complete a service agreement

During this visit, you decide how often you want your sitter to visit each day and what services you want performed. Please let us know what special requests your pet has.

While at your home, the sitter can water plants, collect mail/newspapers, take out garbage, turn on/off lights, stereos, televisions, open/ close window treatments, or perform any other service agreed upon.

Each visit to your home includes:

Pet Care-


•Fresh food and water

•Brushing, combing, exercising and playing

•Giving medications, vitamins, or other special care

•Arranging for medical treatment in case of illness

•Meticulous litter box maintenance

•Indoor clean up of pet messes

Home Care- Did you know that most insurance companies house insurance policies can be affected when a home is left unattended for more than 72 hours? Most home owners don't realize this. Our house sitting services provide the home owner with added security and damage protection.

•Bringing in the mail and newspapers

•Adjusting drapes and lights

•Watering your indoor plants

•Bringing trash to curb on trash day

•Handling other minor household tasks as needed

•Checking your home for any problems

•Checking plumbing for leaks and frozen pipes

•Do a walk through the house to make sure all is secure, completing a security checklist

Services Provided

Dogs: Basic Visitation

Visitation consists of one visit per day for approximately 30 minutes. Dogs will be taken on a short walk and let out to play. Pet dishes and area will be cleaned. Fresh food and water, cleaning up small accidents, and completing a daily diary will be included.

Dogs: Advanced Visitation

Advanced Visitation consists of the same services, as those of the Basic Visitation plus the following: one or two extra visits per day, administering medications, and brushing.

Puppy Breaks:

Puppy Breaks service provides a 30-minute visit to reinforce training, bathroom break , and basic grooming (brushing, cleaning up puppy messes, and a short walk so the puppy can get used to walking on a leash), and completing a daily diary.

Puppy Head Start Program:

This is an expanded version of the Puppy Breaks program.

Puppy Head Start is designed to maximize the learning opportunities and experiences of a puppy. This service includes two visits for 30 minutes each to provide house/potty training, crate training and training of basic good manners, including, "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Come", Leave It" and "Off". The Puppy Head Start is a great "wellness" program for new puppies. Instead of being left home alone, the puppies will be well socialized, well exercised, well trained, and well rested. Programs are customized to meet client's needs.


Cat visitation is based on a 30-minute visit consisting of cleaning litter boxes, giving fresh food and water, cleaning pet dishes, brushing and play time, and completing a daily diary.

Kitten Breaks:

Kitten Breaks provides a 30-minute visit to reinforce litter box training, attending to basic grooming such as brushing, play time, cleaning up kitten messes, helping the kitten get used to walking on a leash, and completing a daily diary.

Small Animals:

This service caters to pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, fish, ferrets etc.

This visitation consists of a 30-minute visit which includes cleaning of the cages, play time, giving fresh food and water, and other duties required for the pet, and completing a daily diary.

Special Services:

Picking up pet supplies

Taking pet to groomers or veterinarian for appointments

In addition to the services listed above, multiple dog family discounts and monthly package prices are available.

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