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Pet Nanny

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pets do you serve?

Our clients are primarily cats and dogs. However, we do take care of small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs etc., also fish and birds.

What is your service area and your hours of service?

We Service: St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, Thorold, Niagara- on- The- Lake and Niagara Falls.

Our office hours: seven days a week, 7:00am.-7:00pm. Professional service hours 7:00 am.-10:30pm.

What does it mean that the sitter is insured?

Niagara Pet Nanny carries a Liability Insurance policy that protects you from loss in the event we are liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pets. Any responsible professional business should carry Liability Insurance.

What does it mean that the sitter is bonded?

A Dishonesty Bond gives you peace of mind, knowing that your sitter guarantees his/her honesty. You should make sure that any workers who enter your home carry Dishonesty


Do you come to my home or do my pets go to your home?

Although, on rare occasion we take animals into out home, we focus mostly on the in-home pet sitting side of pet care. Your pets get to remain in the comfort and safety of their own home. We try to match your normal routine and do whatever is necessary to keep pets happy and stress free.

What is the free consultation all about?

It is best to contact Niagara Pet Nanny as soon as you know you will be going away, to ensure availability. Keep in mind that holiday seasons fill up fast.

We will come to your home to meet with you and your pet. During this visit we get acquainted. Each pet is unique in its own way; knowing your pet’s habits and routine is very important. Some pets like to play, while others are just looking for companionship and a walk. We fill out a form with your pet’s medical history and the required care of your pet. We obtain a signed contract that you agree to let us into your home to care for your pets and that you are aware of and agree to our policies and procedures. The consultation is also a good time for us to acquire a set of your house keys.

Will you need to see proof of vaccination for my pets?

Please be prepared to show records of up- to- date vaccinations.

Do you share personal information with anyone else?

No, all information we receive from you is strictly confidential. Your contract and other information are kept in a locked file cabinet at our office.

Why do you need two sets of keys?

Occasionally, the unexpected happens, and we need to ensure we can have the pets cared for no matter what. Therefore, we ask for two sets of keys. Your keys are safe. One set is kept in a lock box in our office specially coded, and one set is taken by the sitter. Your key could never be associated with your home.

When do I get my keys back?

We will keep your house keys until after you return home. The reason we do this, is that if you are delayed coming home we can continue to care for your pets. Clients can choose one of two options. Your key can be returned in person, with a scheduled visit (there may be a charge) for return. Or you can decide to enroll in our Ready Key program.

What is the Ready Key program?

Many of our clients like the convenience of keeping their keys on file. There is no charge for the Ready Key program. We maintain a key which you provide, in a safe secure location. The benefits of this program allows Niagara Pet Nanny to respond to short notice pet sitting needs or schedule future visits. That way, when you need our services again, all you have to do is phone or email.

We already know your pets and their routine and have your key on file. You will not be inconvenienced by meeting with us again to exchange keys every time you need our service, avoiding an additional charge for picking up and dropping off keys.

Do we need to go through this every time?

Once we have your service contract on file, and your house key, just a quick call or email is all you need to book service anytime in the future.

What is included in each pet sitting visit?

Each visit is a minimum of 30 minutes and includes fresh food and water, dog walking, litter box cleaning and cage cleaning. Most important; each animal will receive lots of love, attention and cuddling. Other services which may be requested at no additional cost are: bringing in the mail, news paper, watering plants, taking out trash, and rotating lights and blinds. More time may be spent if there are special circumstances, including extra pets or pets needing medication. (Additional fees may apply).

What do you do if my pet becomes ill?

If we suspect that something is wrong with your pet, we will call you at the emergency phone numbers we have on file for you. We are certified in Pet First Aid. If we feel your pet needs to see a veterinarian, we will transport your pet to your veterinary clinic, or if your veterinarian is not available, we will use our discretion in providing a veterinarian. If the clinics are closed or it is after hours, we would transport your pet to the 24- hour Niagara emergency clinic located on Merrittville HWY in Thorold. You can depend on us to take your place in the life of your pet and provide it with the time and care it will need while you are away. You will be billed for any extra costs or time we spend for these services.

Will you pet-sit for a pet that is sometimes aggressive?

During your initial consultation, if we feel your pet is too aggressive, we will not be able to accept the job. If your pet has a history of biting or is generally aggressive with unfamiliar people, it is best to consider boarding your pet.

What special steps do you take with a shy cat that hides all the time?

Many cats are shy, especially with new people. If your cat hides, we will ask you to show us its favorite hiding places. We will search your house for your cat to make sure it is only hiding and not injured. Even if your cat hides, we will spend the full visit time at your house. Often cats that hide on the first visit will come out to visit and get attention on the second visit.

What if I have a security system?

We will review your system with you at our initial client consult. Please do not give out your master code but set up a unique code for your sitter’s use while caring for your pet.

What can I expect upon my return home?

You will return home to find your pet comfortable and well cared for. You will find your mail and any packages well organized, a daily diary of your pet’s visits and a reminder for you to call and let us know you have returned home safely. You will also find an invoice for our services. If we don't hear from you within a reasonable time, we will call you to see if you've returned home. If necessary, we will call your emergency contact information. If we are unable to reach you, we will make an additional visit out to your home and you will be charged for a visit. Your pets, they are our priority, and we must know that they are being cared for.

So, you can rest assured that if something happens on your way back (delayed plane, etc.) that your pet is in good hands!

How am I billed and when is it due?

Balances must be paid in full prior to pet care service. We accept cash or personal cheques. We do not accept post-dated cheques.

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